30 August 2012



Hi mum! 
Happy birthday from me, ur lovely daughter.
I wanna be the 1st person wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY for this year. 
Nothing much to say, coz the truth is i cannot describe by words how lucky me and my siblings to have you in our life. 
You are everything to me.
I know sometime, i'm nakal and degil a little bit. Hahaha. 
But, don't worry mum, i know everything that you have said and done because of you just want the best for us and i appreciate that. 
Mum, sorry that i can't be with you to celebrate your birthday for this year. 
Yaaa. I'm feeling sad too. but i've to work this weekend :(. 
Nothing much i can do to make you happy, but selagi hayat ini masih ada, kakak akan cuba yang terbaik untuk buat mak senyum. Sweet tak? 

Last but not least, i love you so-so-so-so-so much!!! ♥

Nota Hati : Jujurnya, dia segalanya bagi saya. Dia ibu, dia ayah, dia lah cahaya saya. Kecil sampai besar. Dia tak jemu berada di sisi saya. Tak pernah MENINGGALKAN saya. Dan dia tahu tatkala saya memerlukan dia. :')


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