20 November 2013


I found you in the middle of un-readiness, when i am damn tired of all the madness. Just like dew on cool leaves in the morning, you refresh my life in one fast blink.

But the more i'm avoiding, the more i can feel it. I dont want to be hurt, i want promises of peace. and though i said i'll survive without you. I fear every second you'll leave me.

Cause to commit to another relationship is to take the first step, to the journey that ends with hurt in this relationship. I cant stand the thought of losing you, but without reaching your hands, who knows if ever that is true?

So i will take the risk no matter how heavy. Yes i will take the shame if ever you dump me. For how deep the sore, the pain, the hurt, the cut.

I'll stay up straight cause you worth every blood.

1 comment:

Siti Hajar said...

Blogwalking sini. Jangan tension2 ye ^_^


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