29 March 2011


Dear God,
please put a smile on my face, gave me good times of laughter, held me up whenever I fall, listens to my whines.

It was hard, but i wish my life would becoming more and more happier & beautiful and my love life will improving.

Dear 'someone',
would u not rejected me, if i tell u the truth that what i felt inside? Would u feel the same way like i felt?

It was hard too, when u love someone without tell them. i'm trying really hard to reach out, but when i'd try to speak out. Felt like u won't could hear me.

And now i'm just stand without saying nothing, and waiting to lose u without telling that i really care for u. OR waiting for u feel the same way like i felt.

i'll spread my wings and i'll learn how to fly.
i gotta take a risk, take a chance, make a change and breakaway.

Will i doing that?

For those who are reading this, what would u do?
Fight for ur love?
Tell the whole world that u r care for him/her?
Or just waiting for the miracle?

Someone that i mean it, don't know that u are gonna to read this or not.
But i wish, u do.
You always make me smile with ur way.
You the one who ask me why.
When i put the words 'Sedang hati masih terluka...' on my yahoo messenger quotes.
i think i'm falling for u.



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